General Draza Mihailovic

By the end of 1941 the World had learned about the Commander of the Yugoslav Guerillas – The Chetniks, General Drazha Mihailovic (1893, Ivanjica, Serbia – 1946, Belgrade).

Mihailovic was an officer in the Balkan Wars and WWI. After the War he continues schooling in Belgrade and in France. He taught Strategy and Tactics at the Military Academy. He formulated a new form of military Strategy – a Guerilla or Chetniks’ warfare and prior to this guerrilla was considered to have only a tactical role. He was teaching and writing that guerilla bases have to be established in mountainous regions, unreachable to German tanks. As well as De Gaule, general Mihailovic criticized fortifications such as the “Maginot Line“, believing that Germans could easily outflank them.

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