Dokumentary film ”General Draza Mihailovic”

The untold epic documentary of a WWII hero, with testimonies from American experts, along with authentic clips and as yet unseen archival footage in HD resolution juxtaposed with locations in the present day where crucial events took place during WWII. This is the first documentary that sheds new light on General Draza Mihailovic, and exposes the fabricated history written by the post-war Yugoslav regime.

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A hero of the Balkan Wars and World War One, specialized in diplomacy and intelligence, he was a professor of Strategy and Tactics at the Military Academy in Belgrade in the 1930’s. On the eve of World War Two he was the leading expert of guerrilla warfare in the Balkans. On April 6th, 1941, the Nazis attacked the Kingdom of Yugoslavia which was crushed after 12 days. Mihailovic, promoted to Army General by the Yugoslavian government in exile in London, raised the first and largest guerrilla force in Europe.

He was considered by Western military experts as the second greatest guerrilla leader in world History.
Howether, the Communist party used the chaos of war to form their paramilitary force, backed by Stalin, in order to seize power in Yugoslavia. In 1943, the Western allies betray Mihailovic and start to support Tito’s Yugoslav Communists in order to please Stalin.
The Communists seize power in 1945, capture General Mihailovic in March 1946, prosecute him in a stalinistic-style trial and execute him on a still unknown location on July, 17th 1946.

FILM DOCUMENTATION: Branko Petrovic, New York, National Archives, Washington DC, Yugoslav Film Archive, Belgrade, „Vajat”, Belgrade, The Slovenian Film Archive, Archives of the Republic of Slovenia

PHOTOGRAPHS: Military Museum, Belgrade, History Archive Sabac, Military Archive, Belgrade, Museum of Rudnik-Takovo region, Gornji Milanovac, National Archives, Washington DC, National Museum of Kraljevo, Dusan Babac, Bane Jevtic, Dr. Luka Stamatovic,

HISTORICAL CONSULTANTS: Dragan Krsmanovic, Milutin Velisavljevic

ORIGINAL MUSIC: Dobrica Andric

MUSIC: The compositions of the Orchestra of the Royal Guard, of the Army of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, recorded in Belgrade 1927. Digitized by Stevan Kozobaric, Milan Mica Petrovic, Kevin MacLeod

AUDIO EDITING: Dobrica Andric, Srecko Divic

ARCHIVAL INTERVIEWS: Nada Ljubic, Vladimir Momchilovic

VECTOR MAPS: Ivan Matejic

NARRATOR: George Stoykovich

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Nikola Berbakov

EDITING: Srecko Divic

OPENING ANIMATION: Vladimir Djordjevic



TRANSLATED BY Vladimir Nikolic

CAMERA: Srecko Divic, Predrag Rudovic, Idei Sandor, Dragan Krsmanovic, Joze Mozina, Bojan Dragicevic

SPECIAL THANKS TO:  Families Nikaljevic, Kotor, Zoran Blagojevic, Munster, Chicago, Milos Supica, Tennessee, Dusko Jankovic, Detroit, Miodrag Beljakovic, New Jersey, Milica Vlaisavljevic Beljakovic, New Jersey, Dr Pavle Topalovic, New York, Nikola Kuridza, New York, Momo Marinkovic, Cacak, Zvezdan Vrbanovic, Smederevo, Milan Grubor, Branko Petrović, New York, Bratislav Stankovic, Sydney

PRODUCER: Milisav Cumic


MC Film consultants ltd



Length: 114:20



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