Београд, 1940. Петар Други је у средини

By Miloslav Samardzic Before the superior forces of the Axis Powers, the monarchs, presidents and governments of the occupied European countries were escaping to Britain. Had Germany invaded Britain all these statesmen would have found refuge in Canada. In the …

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Branislav Stranjakovic (Uzhice 1923 – Paris 1998), alias “Branko Lazic” was a member of the Belgrade Underground Movement, a member of the United Democratic Youth Central Council and one of their three delegates at the Supreme Command. In August 1944 Stranjakovic published his first book “In Free Serbian Mountains” and graduated with PhD in Geneva. He was a world renowned expert on the History of Communism and the editor of the journal “East-West”.

Belgrade Underground Movement 1941-1945, commanded by General Draza Mihailovic, had more than 5,000 members of the armed. Most did not survive the war.    

Washington DC, June 1942 King Petar II and President Roosevelt.

By Miloslav Samardzic In the last phase of the War, American President Roosevelt presented to meritorious individuals the luxurious book “Four Freedoms”, which comprised  four drawings and four texts. Prominent American Artist expressed with a paint brush their vision of …

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