America in WW2 – Yugoslavia

By Miloslav Samardzic

In the last phase of the War, American President Roosevelt presented to meritorious individuals the luxurious book “Four Freedoms”, which comprised  four drawings and four texts. Prominent American Artist expressed with a paint brush their vision of Freedom of Speech and expression of thought, freedom of religion, freedom from poverty and freedom  from the fear.

President Roosevelt presented one copy of the book to General Drazha Mihailovic. However, in the Fall 1944 the British Military Police arrested Lt. Colonel Borislav Todorovic, who carried the present. Then he returned back to the US, where he later died, not having his greatest wish fulfilled: To see again Belgrade – his birthplace, and even symbolically to carry out his order to present the book to Mihailovic.

Despite this, the last order of Colonel Todorovic was carried out. His wife Ljubica brought the book “Four Freedoms” in 2001 dedicated to General Mihailovic and presented it to the Serbian Academy of Science and Art Museum in Belgrade, Serbia.

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