About George Stoykovich; the narrator of the English version of film ‘’General Draza Mihailovic’’

George Stoykovic 2

In 2017 George Stoykovich completed a yearlong acting course at the Victorian College of Arts in Melbourne, Victoria. His true love is for stage acting. In late 2017, before his acting course was even completed, he started auditioning for community theatre. His third audition was successful and he won his first part. Rehearsals started in December and in February 2018 the play was staged. This marked his stage acting debut. He performed in another play in April. He then shifted his focus to screen acting and played in 15 short films. His debut as narrator came on stage in Mozart’s “The Marriage of Figaro”. This acting record was achieved alongside a fulltime day job. In addition to acting he is also pursuing a career in classical singing. He is fortunate to be in training with one of Melbourne’s foremost vocal pedagogues. George was delighted to end the busy year by narrating this wonderful documentary.

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