Photo gallery

From public and private archives we acquired approximately 10,000 photographs. Here you can see just some of those pictures. Click the picture to open in full size.

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Draza Mihajlovic

Mission Ranger in Yugoslavia in 1944, Colonel McDowell second from left

Gunners of third flying Žiča Brigade of Second Ravna Gora Corps

German poster of killing 250 supporters of Draza Mihajlovic

German poster of killing 50 supporters of Draza Mihajlovic

After the attack of Chetniks on German train near the village Tešica, Aleksinac, 29-30/09/1943

The bridge destroyed by the Chetniks in Vranje piling on the line to Thessaloniki

Oath of the Second Ravna Gora Corps

Chetniks of the Second Ravna Gora Corps

Serbs killed by the Ustasha

Germans shoot in Kragujevac, 1941.

Germans shoot Serbs, Kraljevo 1941.

Germans retreat after fighting with Chetniks, Kraljevo 1941.

The Chetniks carried captive Germans, 1941.

Italians give food to Serbian refugees from the Ustasha

Refugees, Bosnia, boiler, Dušan Prpa, Vlade Grubor ...

The Chetniks Corps from Trebava, Bosnia, Botić in front of the unit

Chetniks take an oath in Lika

NDH with the line of Italian occupation zone

Hitler and Croatian Fuhrer Pavelic

British King George the Sixth and King Peter II, London during the war

Belgrade, 27 march

Belgrade, 27 March


Kramer, Draza, McDowell, Mitrani, Pranjani 08/09/1944

McDowell, sitting in the middle, to the left of the Draza