New York, June 1st: Screening of Part II of the Documentary Series

The Kingdom of Yugoslavia in WW2 plakat a3 copy

Screening of Part II of the Documentary Series “The Kingdom of Yugoslavia in World War II” – Sunday, June 1st, 2014

On Sunday, June 1, 2014, at the Parish Hall, following the Divine Liturgy, we will be screening Part II (episodes 4 through 6) of the documentary film series “The Kingdom of Yugoslavia in World War II”. Introduction and a brief lecture on the topic will be held by Mr. Branko Petrović, a parishioner of our church. After the projection, donations will be collected towards the filming of the next six episodes (7 through 12).

The series, which were were filmed by Slobodan Bogdanović and Kosta Babić, based on documentary scripts by Miloslav Samardžić, present, and for the first time, unveil numerous events and historical facts, which have been previously unreleased by post-WW II government regime.

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