London: Promotional Screening of the Еleventh and Тwelfth Episode of the Documentary Series “The Kingdom of Yugoslavia in WW2” – Hotel Ravna Gora, Sun, 11/10/2015, 3PM

London, 2015, 10, 11, plakat ENG
Episode Eleven:
Red Army Invades in the fall of 1944.
Lieutenant Kramer, the fifth member of Mission Ranger was the only American officer captured by the Red Army during WW2.
How Lieutenant Kramer saved himself and why he had to flee even from Italy?
How the Chetniks liberated Krushevac from the Germans.
The battle between the Chetniks and the Red Army in Krushevac and the air battle between the Red Army and the Western Allies over Nish.
In the final stages of the war, why did Roosevelt’s relations with Churchill deteriorate and improve with Stalin?
Episode Twelve:
Battle for Democracy
Why were the nations of Eastern Europe – Poland, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia allied to the Western allies – 1945, abandoned to the Communists?
Archival sound film of President Benesh of Czechoslovakia’s visit to President Roosevelt in the White House and recordings of the New York parade held in honor of the Poles.
Why did the Foreign Office ask General Drazha Mihailovich and the Chetniks to perform a tasks “which they certainly will not be able to perform” and to use it as an alibi for shifting support to the Communists?

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