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Forbidden history: WW2 documentary series now complete

omot 13-18 copy NET

I have just found out that the final parts of the documentary series “Kingdom of Yugoslavia in WW2″ – which I’ve mentioned here before – have been finalized and posted, completing the 18-episode project. According to executive producer Miloslav Samardžić, the trailer

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The series shown on TV Poland – registered to contest for the RTS

TV Poland History, premiera

TV Poland (the national broadcasting company of Poland) from Warsaw just completed broadcasting the first 12 episodes of the TV series “Kingdom of Yugoslavia in World War II”. The series was broadcast on their channel “History” (Poland History). The ratings

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Agreement on distribution with the US company “Redbarre”

redbarre, plakat na naslovnoj strani sajta

US company for distribution of movies and TV programs “Redbarre” and “Pogledi” Ltd. as a producer, have signed an agreement on distribution of documentary TV series “Kingdom of Yugoslavia in World War II”. “Redbarre” will be promoting our series under

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English-language Wikipedia claims that Djujic and Jevdjevic are Nazis!

Chicago, 1951: Jevđević and Đujić with the Chetniks, after the congress of the Organization Serbian Chetniks in the Free World

Author: Miloslav Samardzic We know that the Serbian-language Wikipedia is in the hands of people who advocate communist propaganda but things are even worse when it comes to the English-language Wikipedia. There it can be read that Serb World War

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Vecernje novosti Publishes Article About The Kingdom of Yugoslavia in World War II TV Series

plakat B2 EN hor NET

On May 30, 2016, Vecernje novosti (the most circulated daily newspaper in Serbia) wrote a lengthy article about the TV series called The Kingdom of Yugoslavia in World War II. The article explained how the Polish state television based in

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” Kingdom of Yugoslavia in World War II ” on BN TV

BN TV, 1. mart 2016, 21,55, ep 7

BN television is broadcasting our series every Tuesday, from 1st of March 2016, at 21.55. Broadcasted episodes are 7-12. The series is broadcasted all over the Internet at the following address:  

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Julia Gorin about the documentary ”Kingdom of Yugoslavia in WW2”

Dzulija Gorin o dokumentarcu

Washington Premiere of 70-Years-Suppressed WWII History – “KINGDOM OF YUGOSLAVIA DURING WORLD WAR II” by Miloslav Samardzic Posted by Julia Gorin   It will be interesting to see whether or not the film, which is full of rare footage and photos, accounts

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Saborsko and Licka Jasenica

Major Milivoje Vuksanovic

Comparing the Serbian village of Licka Jesenica with the Croatian village of Saborsko, one can see and evaluate the work of the partisans, whose goal was the destruction of the Serbian people. Such was the contrast between the Serbian and

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London: Promotional Screening of the Еleventh and Тwelfth Episode of the Documentary Series “The Kingdom of Yugoslavia in WW2” – Hotel Ravna Gora, Sun, 11/10/2015, 3PM

London, 2015, 10, 11, plakat ENG

Episode Eleven: Red Army Invades in the fall of 1944. Lieutenant Kramer, the fifth member of Mission Ranger was the only American officer captured by the Red Army during WW2. How Lieutenant Kramer saved himself and why he had to

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New York: Promotional Screening of the Еleventh and Тwelfth Episode of the Documentary Series “The Kingdom of Yugoslavia in World War II” – Sunday, July 19, 2015


Join us on Sunday, July 19, 2015 for a memorial for Serbian WWII general Dragoljub Mihailović (who was executed on July 17, 1946), followed by a promotional screening of the eleventh and twelfth episode of the documentary film series “The

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