Documentary screening – Why was WW2 Yugoslavia ceded to the Communists?


The two latest episodes are being screened this month of a documentary series which aims to answer the thorniest question of WW2 Yugoslavia – why was power ceded to the Communists?

The eternal question is addressed by two series of documentaries called The Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The first series spans six episodes which address what happened between the Nazi occupation in April 1941 to September 1944 when the Red Army launched the Belgrade Offensive.

The second series will aim to answer why the Allies withdrew their support for the legitimate Kingdom of Yugoslavia in favour of the Communists.

The event at Hotel Ravna Gora in Holland Park will screen the first two episodes of series two which have been professionally produced (in Serbian with English subtitles). Organiser Milisav Marković will discuss plans on how the production team aim to complete the series.  The aim is that by summer 2015 the following two episodes will be finalised with another screening organised.

The film team includes:

Producer: Miloslav Samardžić (based on this historical investigations)
Director: Dragan Vučković
Editor and Animation: Bojan Krstić
Event organiser and representative: Milisav Marković

Entrance to the screening is free.

January 12, 2015

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