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Dokumentary film ”General Draza Mihailovic”

Draza ENG omot, strana 1

The untold epic documentary of a WWII hero, with testimonies from American experts, along with authentic clips and as yet unseen archival footage in HD resolution juxtaposed with locations in the present day where crucial events took place during WWII. This

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Documentary film The Banished


Cinematography company Pogledi has recently released its newest production which is the documentary film The Banished which is about the destiny of the Chetniks after May 1945 or after the Second World War in other words. The film contains the

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А poster for documentary film “General Draža Mihailović”


On Draža’s day in 2018, the Pogledi Film Company from Kragujevac, Serbia, publishes a poster for its documentary film “General Draža Mihailović,” which is in the production process. The poster was created by university professor of applied design, Nikola Berbakov.

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Documentary ”General Draža Mihailović”

Layout 1

The untold epic drama of a WWII Hero, with testimonies from the participants, and the comments of American experts, along with the film clips from the sites of crucial events, and yet unseen archival footage. See the trailer for the

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Graphic design for episodes 7-12


The draft version of some graphic design elements for episodes 7-12, the artwork of Nikola Berbakov:  

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Titles of episodes preparing

01 naslov epizode

Work on the script is in progress for the second series of the documentary “The Kingdom of Yugoslavia in World War II”, episodes 7-12. Making of new episodes requires funds. To make all the episodes, we will need your help

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