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Duke Momčilo Djujić

Momčilo Djujić with family

By Miloslav Samardzic Momčilo Djujić (Toplje, Knin, 1907 – San Marcos, California, United States 1999), was the best student of his generation in his grade school. He finished the lower grades of high school in Knin and the latter grades

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Novica Lukic (1919 – 1957)

Novica Lukic as a French legionnaire

By Novica Lukic, grandson Novica was born on September 14th, 1919 in Sljivovac, a village near Kragujevac, in Sumadija, the heart of Serbia, as fourth son of father Milutin and mother Ljubica. After Elementary school and College, he went to

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Lt. Colonel Borislav Todorovic

Herzegovina, in 1944. Captain Borislav Todorovic and Captain Walter Mansfield

Lt. Colonel Borislav Todorovic (Belgrade 1913 – New York 1984), Supreme Command Liaison Officer with Foreign Military Missions. In 1942, Todorovic escaped from a German Camp and crossed France, Spain and finally reached Portugal on foot. He returned to the

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General Draza Mihailovic

General Dragoljub Mihailovic 1943.

By the end of 1941 the World had learned about the Commander of the Yugoslav Guerillas – The Chetniks, General Drazha Mihailovic (1893, Ivanjica, Serbia – 1946, Belgrade). Mihailovic was an officer in the Balkan Wars and WWI. After the

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