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Documentary Series: The Kingdom of Yugoslavia in World War Two

“The Kingdom of Yugoslavia in World War Two” is a documentary TV programme addressing the events of the time based on historical evidence, stripped of Communist propaganda.

Historians and eyewitnesses speak about the causes of the war, the Axis invasion, Croatia’s genocide, the 1941 uprising, “hundred Serbs for one German” reprisals, guerrilla resistance to Axis forces, and the two civil wars taking place at the same time: Serbs vs. Croats, and the Yugoslav royal army (“Chetniks”) against the Communist partisans.

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Interviews conducted in Serbia, Slovenia, Italy, Canada, USA and UK.Much of the documentary footage in the series is shown for the first time: a 1942 visit from King Petar II of Yugoslavia to President Roosevelt at the White House; a 1944 meeting between Gen. Mihailovic and the U.S. Colonel McDowell; Allied airmen rescued by the royalists (in the classified “Halyard” mission); British and American deliveries of weapons and supplies to the Communists, showing Tito’s followers in British uniforms, etc.
Part of the modern footage was filmed on locations seen in wartime photographs.

British King George the Sixth and King Peter II, London during the war

British King George the Sixth and King Peter II, London during the war

Original Title: Краљевина Југославија у Другом светском рату
YEAR: 2015
PRODUCED BY: Pogledi, Kragujevac, Serbia

What we have done so far

A. Finished episodes

The drawing up of the second series of six half-hour episodes titled “The Kingdom of Yugoslavia in World War II”.

The first series we’re doing it again.

Watch episodes 7 – 12.

B. Finished interviews

We recorder 42 interviews with participants of events, as well as several prominent immigrants. Most of the interviews recorded our team in Serbia, USA, Canada, UK and Slovenia, but small part recorded our friends and associates.

List of interviews :

– Dr Ognjan Adum Youth Staff 501, Belgrade,
– Radenko Miric, Youth Staff 501 Ljig – France,
– Aleksandar Djokic, Youth Staff 501, Sopot – Switzerland,
– Dusan Djuknic, Youth Staff 501 Ljig – Canada,
– Dr. Dusan Djukic, son of General Sveta Djukic, Belgrade,
– Berislav Stanojlovic, Avala Corps , Belgrade,
– Tihomir Ilic, Belgrade illegal, Belgrade,
– Mirjana Dograjic, daughter of Captain Judge Dragoljub Lukic shot by Communists of Belgrade,
– Kolja Milunovic, sculptor, witness a crimes in late 1944., Belgrade,
– Dusan Jovanovic, companion of Draza, Cacak – Amerika,
– Dragan Nesic, brother of Major Nesko Nedic, Valjevo,
– Angelina Kalabic, sister of Nikola Kalabic, Valjevo,
– Milica Vitorovic, sister of officers Misic from Garda, Valjevo,
– Archpriest Mihailo Danilovic, Gornji Milanovac,
– Dragutin Bogicevic, Cer Corps, Zavlaka,
– Miodrag Tasic, Srem Chetnik detachment, Knjazevac,
– Peter Micic, lawyer, witness, Ivanjica,
– Lieutenant Ivko Jovanovic , Pozega Corps, Pozega,
– Sergeant Gojko Danicic, the background of the Supreme Command, Stavice, Ljig
– Aca Simic, photographer of 2nd Ravna Gora Corps, Cacak,
– Luka Stepanovic, Toplica Corps, Avala – Canada,
– Uros Susteric, Ljubljana, Slovenia,
– Nikola Predojevic, Dinara Chetnik Division – Britain,
– Ljubisa Novakovic, Dinara Chetnik Division – Britain,
– Milan Stojsavljevic, Dinara Chetnik Division – Britain,
– David Damjanovic, Dinara Chetnik Division – America,
– John Borovic, Dinara Chetnik Division – Canada,
– Pero Tintor, Dinara Chetnik Division – Canada,
– Peter Radan, Dinara Chetnik Division – Canada,
– Pero Manojlovic, Dinara Chetnik Division – Canada,
– Dusan Bilbija, Dinara Chetnik Division – Canada,
– Stevo Kangrga, Lika-kordun Corps – Canada,
– Mane Srdic, Lika-kordun Corps – Canada,
– John Marjanac, youth, Canada,
– Dusan Bosnic, Canada,
– Radmila Babic, Canada,
– Father Djuro Majerle, America,
– Mica Petrovic, Canada,
– Arthur Jibilian, an American pilot rescued by the Chetniks,
– Clare Musgrove, an American pilot rescued by the Chetniks,
– Mathew Sholtsam, grandson of Clare Musgrove.

C. Archival film materials from government agencies

“Pogledi” purchased 450 minutes of archival film footage from the National Archives in Washington, DC, and 150 minutes from the Yugoslav Film Archive in Belgrade. We supplied the most important video files on the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in World War II, including the so far unpublished, such as the visit of King Peter President Roosevelt at the White House in 1942, and Draza meeting with Colonel McDowell in 1944. year.

McDowell, sitting in the middle, to the left of the Draza

McDowell, sitting in the middle, to the left of the Draza

D. Private film and audio materials

From the private collection we acquired:

– Speaking of Duke Djuic in exile,
– Footage of Major Cvjeticanin and funerals and mentioning Major Cvjeticanin, where among other things they see former Prime Minister Dr Puric and Duke Djuic,
– Audio recording of a speech King Peter in Serbian and English, in 1941 , in 1942. and in 1964. year,
– Audio recording of a speech the Duke of Jevdjevic in 1962. year.

E. Photo archives

From public and private archives we acquired approximately 10,000 photographs. Some of the pictures look by clicking here.

Watch episodes 7 – 12.